Солнечная система и ее тайны

Планеты Созвездия НЛО


Let's pause for a moment, here at the halfway point, to consider your progress through the course.

At this point, you've learned what exoplanets are, how we find them, and how we know things about them. You've also learned the basics of biology, including the chemical machinery that runs our cells and how it could have arisen on Earth.

From here you will combine those two different areas of knowledge, and move to more specific topics. You're going to learn about what makes a planet inhabitable and how many planets there may be. You'll also learn more about Super-Earths in particular, and why we consider these planets to be excellent potential hosts for life. You'll need this information as we move on to the final section, where we discuss how we might find that life.

We will also show you a few more video interviews with scientists, including Lisa Kaltenegger, Jack Szostak, and Andrew Knoll, who will share both their science and their viewpoints with you.

The next few pages will give you a review of what came before, and a preview of what is still to come in the next week of the course. This is where things get really interesting - we hope you enjoy it!

Солнечная система и ее тайны